Sunday, 15 June 2014


I need to keep myself away from Japanese on the dark side, such as typically 2ch users, or those who really use its slangs or behave as written there. Generally speaking those who live, speak, and observe only in the Net or video games, i.e. social myopia.
Not want to keep away because of narrowing the world, but should do so.

When they're in tough or bad situation, they tend to say, "Then I will do bad things, to someone or to anyone." or "I will shut myself up in my room (possibly metaphorically)."
When they're criticized by someone, they say, "Do you think I'm such stupid as you say?!" It seems they hate 'stupid'.

For they very much lower moral and morale, then I have to keep them as much extra effort, which is unnecessary and wasteful.
As my declaration for working well on business.

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